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Everything You Need To Know About The Desert Safari In Jaisalmer

Everything You Need To Know About The Desert Safari In Jaisalmer

Tue, 1/Aug/23, 1:34pm

Do you know that taking a desert safari in Jaisalmer is one of the great ways to indulge in the vibrant culture of Rajasthan? Known for its beauty, heritage, and culture, Jaisalmer is one of the best places to experience the best desert safari. There is no much variety anywhere apart from the location as you will get to explore the unique experiences from every corner of the Jaisalmer. The scorching heat and hot weather are all you must be thinking about, but despite all this, a little suffering is worth to see the charm of the place whether with your family or friends.

Timeless, ending fun and its vibrant culture lures most of the tourists across the globe and people from different corners of the world come here to witness the culture. You can never say no to the experience that you will always remember for your lifetime. Exploring the desert safaris is a must to do when visiting the Golden City of Rajasthan. The golden sand in the desert will make you fall in love and take your heart away with its beauty. And if you are adventure fanatics, there is no better place to experience the beauty than Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. Riding through the dunes, you will get the complete exposure of beautiful tints of golden sands. So, if you are an ardent fan of safari then here is something that you need to know about a desert safari in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. 




Camel Safari is well-known in Jaisalmer due to which a lot of visitors come to the place across the globe. It is one of the most sought-after adventure activities that you can enjoy while on a vacation in Jaisalmer. The ride takes you to the Thar Desert and presents you with the best flora and fauna of the place. In this way, you can also interact with the locals and get to know the tradition quite closely. Boasting the picturesque views of the sunset, Jaisalmer makes it an ideal place for camel safari. If you do not wish to take a long ride for camel safari then you can embark on a short safari and explore the beautiful dunes of Sam Desert. The camel safari is one of the greatest ways to experience the Jaisalmer countryside and also its magnificence. The fun and adventurous activity take you through the rustic life where you can spend some time by interacting with the locals.

Major Tourist Attractions of the camel safari: Magical sunrise, Kuldhara- an abandoned village, the desert wildlife, oasis, and magical sunset.

Timings of the safari: There are two sessions, one in the early morning and another at the time of sunset.



After one of the best-opted desert safari in Jaisalmer, Jeep Safari is the second most adventure activity that takes you to the roller coaster ride of the Thar Desert with ease and comfort. Jeeps are much more popular and opted by the people as it is much more comfortable as compared to the Camel Safari. Most of the Jeep Safari starts their session in the early morning so that the tourists can see the beautiful view of sunrise. The thrilling jeep safari will give you an impression and are fun as the texture of the sand here is golden and white. If you choose the safari at the sunset then you will also experience the Thar Desert and witness the sparkling sands with the view of the sunset. The reason why people choose safari at the time of sunset because it also saves you from scorching heat and can also see the local villages and get to know the culture of the location closely.

Major Tourist Attractions of Jeep Safari: Sam Sand Dunes, Fossil Park among others.

Timings of the safari: 5-6 am and 6-7 pm




There are a lot of people who visit Jaisalmer even in winters and if you are one of them then you can visit it from October to March. During winters, the temperature might drop down to 7 to 8 degrees Celsius, especially in December and January. One of the best-opted activities in these months is camping, sightseeing, Jeep safari, and camel safari. Most of the people visit the place at this because to get rid of the scorching heat.


Yes, you got that right! Many of you must be thinking that Monsoons are one of the seasons when the tourist doesn’t flock here. But from July to September, is considered a good time to travel Jaisalmer as compared to the summer season, the reason because the place witnesses a very less rainfall during the monsoons, and sometimes there is no rainfall recorded at all. So, if you are planning to visit here then you can come this season too.


This season might see a lesser tourist but still, people do come here in summers. From April to June is summer in Jaisalmer which is usually hot and harsh, and the extreme weather condition is due to its proximity with the Thar Desert. Sightseeing and other tourist activities are not suitable, it is better to avoid visiting this place in summers. Jaisalmer Packages are not sought during this season. The maximum daytime temperature can rise to 44 degrees Celsius. The highest record is 50 degrees. So, due to this reason, many visitors do not come here and those who visit here, they possibly get time to head to someplace of the popular places in the evening.

If you are looking for something unique this time and planning to visit Jaisalmer anytime soon, then you can refer to these points and opt for the safari to make your experience even more blissful for a lifetime. Ditch the mountains or beaches this time and make a tour with your loved ones to Jaisalmer for endless memories with your loved ones and family.

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